Give God some credibility... He ain't gonna beat you up or force you into something... you gotta step into it first! So put on your brave face and heart to start!

It's a true blue bonus for you with 2 Funny Videos.  Click Here for Part 1 and Part 2

Featured Songs:

  1. Pax Melodiam- Remedy Drive
  2. Give It Up- CRYWLFCRY
  3. I Love You- JUDAH, Dante Bowe & Aaron Moses
  4. Let The Sparks Fly- Thousand Foot Krutch
  5. Eyes- Final Greetings
  6. War Going On- Port Duo
  7. Run To You- The Brave
  8. With My Hands- GrammaTrain
  9. We Never Die- Paradise Now
  10. Skeptic- Theody
  11. Masquerade- Adelaide
  12. I'm Sorry- Zahna
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